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FRP Sheet (Polyester/Epoxy)

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Fiberglass/FRP Sheet (Polyester/Epoxy)

These sheets made from Epoxy as well as Polyester is used for a variety of purposes ranging from electrical insulation in transformers, switchgears, Electrical Panels etc. Where non-corrosive and electrical insulation material is needed.A variety of custom built sheets can also be made upon demand of customer.

These sheets are available in Epoxy as well as Polyester.

Grades available : Epoxy & Polyester, Epoxy Grades - EP1, EP2, EP3, EP3 FR4 Grade, G10 Grade, GPO3 Grades as per NEMA standards. 

Standard Size : Width :- Up to 4 feet ( Bigger Custom built widths also )
                          Thickness :- 1mm to 102mm
                          Length :- Up to 12ft (3600mm)